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You have chosen to live in one of the most beautiful and well-operated communities in South Texas. Escondido, Ensenada and Estancia are part of the 2,600-acre Master Planned Community of Tres Lagos. It will remain a premier community because the homeowners support strict compliance with the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) that govern the community. To maintain the overall aesthetic qualities desirable in a first-class community, certain activities, design standards, maintenance requirements, and property uses must be restricted. The governing body charged with maintaining the desirable qualities and enforcing the restrictions is the Tres Lagos Residential Owners Association (“TLROA”), a Texas Corporation governed by a Board of Directors and operated under the By-Laws. As a purchaser of property in the community in which Property is located, Purchaser is obligated to be a member of the Tres Lagos Residential Owners Association. Restrictive covenants governing the use and occupancy of the Property have been recorded in the Official Records of Hidalgo County, Texas. Please refer to these documents for more detailed information. Listed below are some of the items in the Declarations that apply to Escondido, Ensenada and Estancia and are intended for general information only.

Animals: Only 4 domestic pets are permitted and they shall not be allowed to make any unreasonable amount of noise or create a nuisance. Pets must be controlled by a leash when not in the confines of the dwelling or in Tres Lagos Dog Park. As a courtesy, homeowners are required to pick up after their pets. All City and County health and pet ordinances should be followed.

Trash Collection: By the City of McAllen on a basis scheduled by the City. All containers may be placed at the street only on the day of collection and must be screened from view at all other times.

Weeds and Grass: Yards are to be kept clean and cut in an attractive manner.

Architectural Review Committee: This committee is responsible for approving all construction, alterations, modifications, or changes to the properties in this neighborhood. An application must be submitted and receive approval of the ARC prior to work commencing or placement of items that will be visible from the street or by neighboring lots.

Motor Vehicles: No vehicle of any kind may be parked on any street overnight. Trucks, buses, boats, RVs and trailers are to be parked in the garage and should not be visible from the street or neighboring lots. No auto repair may be performed on any lot, driveway, common area or street.

Firearms, Firecrackers, Fireworks: Use or discharge of firearms/firecrackers/or other fireworks prohibited.

Signs: Security service signs, political yard signs, and event signs are allowed under some circumstances, but are restricted as to size and length of display. Please refer to the CCRs before displaying any sign.

Yard Art: All aspects of a yard visible from outside the lot are within the supervision of the ARC, including the shape of pruned shrubs, location and size of flower beds, and the integration of yard art or other items in the yard such as boulders, antique equipment, statues, monuments and playground equipment.

Garage Sales: Garage sales are allowed once a year. Owner must secure a City of McAllen permit prior to holding the sale.

Satellite Dishes: Guidelines exist in the Covenants on placement, type, and visibility of dishes. Please refer to them before placing a dish on your property.

Residential Use Restriction: All lots are to be devoted only to single-family residential use. Commercial and / or professional activities are restricted. Please refer to the Declaration and Covenants.

Assessments: Purchaser may be obligated to pay assessments to the TLROA. The Tres Lagos Public Improvement District has set the assessment rate at $0.25 per $100 valuation. For example, the owner of a $200,000 home would pay $400 per year in PID assessments. Unlike HOA fees, PID Assesments are assessed and collected as part of the home owner’s property tax and, as such, are tax deductible.

These assessments are required and failure to pay will result in liens against your property. The amount of assessments is subject to change. Please refer to the Declaration and Covenants for more information.

This summary of governing rules is by no means comprehensive. Please review the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for complete details of the Community and this specific Neighborhood.

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