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Happy New Year from Tres Lagos

January 1, 2018

Happy New Year from McAllen, Texas!

Happy New Year! In 2018, Tres Lagos Master Planned Community, in McAllen, Texas will have many new homes filling up the subdivisions of Ensenada, Escondido, and Estancia. There is an estimate of 200 homes to be completed by the end of the year. The new families moving into Tres Lagos come from all over the valley, north and central Texas, and out of state. Many who are starting families and building their first family home. Tres Lagos has everything you will need for raising a family. From fishing to play parks, dog parks, swimming pool, gym, tennis and basketball courts, sand volleyball, and hike and bike trails. There are plenty amenities for all ages.

Fall of 2018

In the fall of 2018, Texas A&M University will be ready to welcome their first set of students to their new campus located inside Tres Lagos. This McAllen campus is designed and specially tailored to meet the expected engineering needs of engineering in the Rio Grande Valley. The programs of study allow students an opportunity to have a unique impact on the growth and development of their home communities without leaving the region to pursue an engineering degree from Texas A&M University. Students in the Engineering at McAllen program are in the College of Engineering. Students in this program have the option of pursuing the interdisciplinary engineering degree in McAllen or relocating to College Station to pursue one of 18 degrees. Students at the Texas A&M University Higher Education Center at McAllen will be part of the Aggie family.

The Family Church

The Family Church that is located on McColl Road in McAllen, Texas, will be starting their new location inside Tres Lagos in 2018. TFC is a place for everyone to connect, regardless of questions, doubts, backgrounds, or struggles. Our church is comprised of real people from diverse backgrounds who have experienced the transformational love of God and have come together to worship God together.

What Residents of Tres Lagos Can Expect

Residents of Tres Lagos will experience what it’s really like to live in a Master Planned Community in 2018. Tres Lagos will be planning several events for everyone to enjoy and to have a chance to meet their wonderful neighbors. In the summer, we would like to have a fishing tournament and maybe a picnic at the surrounding lakes. There are over 200,000 fish that can be caught and released. The three large lakes contain bass, catfish, tilapia, and many more. Soon there will be a dock so that you can bring your own kayak and to fish off of. During the hot Summer days, there will be family fun events at pool so everyone can cool off and relax under the sun. “Movie night at the pool”, is always an exciting time for the children because they will be able to swim and watch a movie at the same time. Hot dogs, popcorn, and drinks may be provided as well. We are also planning on having an Easter egg hunt, 4th of July fireworks, light up the Christmas tree, and festivals throughout the year. Having these types of functions helps the residents and their children in the community to get to know one another and build long lasting friendships.

Start Off On the Right Foot!

By building your new home in this community, you will be surrounded by great families, schools, and one of the top Universities in the nation.


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