Tips to Prepare for Visits in Your New Tres Lagos Home in Mcallen, Tx

November 8, 2017

It’s time to move into your new family home in McAllen, Texas and all your family and friends just can’t wait to see it! What should you do to be ready for their arrival?

First of all, you already live in the most amazing master‑planned community in the Rio Grande Valley, so the amenities that your house is surrounded by will provide plenty of entertainment to keep them occupied. During the fall season, there is plenty that you can do to decorate your new home with warm and cozy decorations that will make your guests feel at home.

A few days prior to your guest’s arrival, you should spend some time in the areas where they will be sleeping or using around the house. There may be rooms in the house that are not used as often as others, so be sure to check that they are nice and tidy. If it’s cold outside, you might want to place more blankets in their room to cozy up to. Usually, guests don’t like to complain because they are a guest in your house and they don’t want to be rude. So be sure to walk through those areas beforehand. A good host always looks at those important details to make sure their guests feel at ease and welcomed.

Tres Lagos community is new to the Rio Grande Valley, so when your guests arrive it would be nice to show them around the community to enjoy the amenities near your house. Guests are always welcome to the community center if they are accompanied by a resident. They may want to take a dip in the pool that is heated year‑round for some lap swimming or to get a quick workout in the gym. If they have children, they can play at the pocket parks that are located in the subdivisions of Ensenada or Escondido. Also, you can remind them to bring their tennis racquets in case they would like to play at the lighted tennis courts or maybe some basketball.

By building your new house in this master‑planned community you will have several dining options to take your family and friends too while they are visiting. There will also be coffee shops and several retail shops for everyone to enjoy.

During the holiday season, many like to delight themselves with all the comfort food prepared by their family and friends. If you choose to stay in and cook for your guests, you might want to make something that is easy to fix and fast to clean up. There are several recipes that you may want to consider making in your slow cooker or maybe prepare a casserole the day before so that way the cooking doesn’t take up too much time from your guests.

After dinner and dessert, go outdoors to do some physical activity in the play parks, walk up and down the hill at the amphitheater, or take a nice stroll through the hike and bike trails.

This visit will be one to remember!


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