McAllen & RGV Developments

May 25, 2018

McAllen, Texas Demographics

McAllen is a city in the southern tip of Texas located in the Rio Grande Valley. The city limits extend south to the Rio Grande, across from the Mexican city of Reynosa, and McAllen is approximately 70 miles west of the Gulf of Mexico. As of 2016, the city population was estimated to be 142,212. It is the fifth most populous metropolitan area in the state of Texas. The Rio Grande Valley is comprised of four counties: Starr County, Hidalgo County, Cameron, and Willacy County. As of January 2012, the U.S. census Bureau estimated the population of the Rio Grande Valley to be 1,305,782. According to the Census Bureau in 2008, 86 percent from Cameron County, 90 percent from Hidalgo County, 97 percent from Starr County, and 86 percent from Willacy County are Hispanic.

Rio Grande Valley

The Rio Grande Valley has seen many changes within the last couple of decades and the next couple of years is set to continue this trend. Hidalgo County officials are expecting to see the county’s population to hit the one million mark by 2020. The fact remains that the Valley continues to be one of the fastest growing regions in America. In fact, the McAllen‑Edinburg‑Mission metro area became the 5th largest Texas metropolitan statistical area in 2005. This region grows approximately 20 percent per decade, which is quite impressive for the United States. Due to the population growth, it has spurred tremendous business expansion all throughout the area. Several new economic activities to be witness in 2017‑2018 are:

Texas A&M College Station

Texas A&M College Station in McAllen at Tres Lagos. Students who attend and graduate from the new university will receive a diploma from Texas A&M College Station. The school will offer programs in engineering, technology, biomedical sciences, agriculture, and lab sciences.

La Plaza Mall

La Plaza Mall to add 50 stores and six restaurants. This will add 245,000 square‑feet to the retail site.

The Bert Ogden Arena

The Bert Ogden Arena in Edinburg which will be the largest arena in the Rio Grande Valley. With 8,500 seats, the arena will be a venue for sports, entertainment, and shows.

HEB Park

HEB Park, a 9,700 seat, soccer stadium and outdoor venue. This park is home to the RGV Toros and will also serve as an outdoor concert venue.

Space X

Space X will continue to grow its infrastructure and lure professionals from numerous walks of life. The site has brought in engineering jobs and opportunities for local students attending the region’s colleges and universities.


UTRGV, and its associated new medical school, will continue to improve local health care infrastructure. The University offers an exceptionally innovative learning experience designed to instill students with scientific, clinical and research expertise of the highest professional standards.

The East Region

The east region is bordered by the Gulf Coast of Mexico. The region is known for its warm weather, exotic birds, citrus orchards and large volume of palm trees. During the winter months, the Rio Grande Valley is called home to the winter Texans. This area attracts large numbers of retirees from the northern part of the United States and Canada during the winter months. Many come to enjoy the outdoors and South Padre Island for some fishing and boating. Bird lovers also make their way to the valley to snap photos of all the different types of exotic birds that fly to this region. Quinta Mazatlan, a significant urban sanctuary in McAllen is where you would go to learn about birds, plants, and environmental stewardship in South Texas. The International Museum of Art & Science is a Smithsonian


Affiliate and fully accredited by the Alliance of Museums. IMAS has a permanent collection which includes 2,000 natural history and geology specimens and 4,500 folk art and textile objects.

Plenty to See, Plenty to Do

There is plenty to see and do when visiting and living in this amazing area of the Rio Grand Valley.


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