Texas A&M Tres Lagos in McAllen TX Officially Opens!

November 14, 2018

A New Chapter in McAllen

After 1.5 years of development and construction, Texas A&M Tres Lagos has officially opened their doors for the first day of class! August 28th marked a new chapter for not only the university, but our local students and the city of McAllen. Students proudly walked the hallways and embarked on their new journey as an Aggie located in the Rio Grande Valley. This 40 million dollar project, has been highly anticipated by many South Texas residents looking to attend a top‑tier university close to home. Expectations were greatly exceeded as there was only an expected enrollment of 50 students for the first semester, however that number has almost been quadrupled as there is a current enrollment of 184 active students! According to sources, nearly 20 percent of the first class of students attending the new campus are from the San Antonio region.

Since the announcement back in 2015, university officials have played an active role in the completion of their new 100‑acre site campus, located in North McAllen within the Master‑Planned Community of Tres Lagos. What does this mean for the residents in the Rio Grande Valley? Fortunately for us, Texas A&M’s higher education center at McAllen, recognized and continues to see the opportunity for a chance at offering a higher education in South Texas, specifically aiming towards the careers needed in the region. Some of the Texas A&M McAllen programs being offered will include: Interdisciplinary Engineering, Multidisciplinary Engineering Technology, Biomedical Sciences, Food Systems Industry Management and Public Health. Texas A&M expects for students to not only attain a degree from the university, but to make an impact with their education in the community in which they were raised.

The opening of the top‑tier university serves as a benefit to give students the financial advantage in receiving a higher education, without having to endure the expenses of leaving home. On average, a student that graduates from Texas A&M, College Station, will accumulate a student debt that exceeds over $75,000 in just 4 years. The opportunity of reducing certain expenses are a possibility due to the economic differences between university locations. Upon the completion of their 4‑year degree plan and all required credits, students will be able to receive their official Aggie Ring with the assured opportunity to walk in the ceremony located at Texas A&M’s main campus in College Station.

For Tres Lagos, education is imperative for our current and future homeowner’s children. Tres Lagos is ecstatic to be a part of bringing more educational opportunity to the continuously growing region. In comparison to prior years, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley previously known as The University of Texas Pan‑American was the only option students had in receiving a higher education locally. Tres Lagos will continue to develop in their new residential phases to provide as many valley residents with the opportunity to live and grow together in this expanding community. As Tres Lagos begins the development of Phase 2 this year, now is the time to start learning more about your future home. Sales leaders in Escondido, Ensenada and Estancia are available Monday – Sunday to take families on a one‑on‑one tour of the new and growing community of Tres Lagos. Contact us today at: 956‑205‑0605. For more information on Texas A&M’s McAllen Engineering programs or directory for Texas A&M’s Health Science Center McAllen, Texas, visit their website at: https://admissions.tamu.edu/HECM.


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